POW (Proof of Work) Mining

Mining Pools


No registration needed, just use your wallet adress as username and no password needed.

setup Method

stratum+tcp://pool.putincoin.org:3256 -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x

3 available ports!
Port: 3008-- Diff 8
Port: 3032 -- VarDiff: 512-16194 (use as default)
Port: 3256 -- Diff:18192 (use for hashmining or miningrigrentals)

No Mining Pool Fee

PutinCoin POW (Proof of Work ) Mining complete! After 50k Blocks than no more coins will be generated via POW Mining.

POS (Proof of Stake) Mining

POS interest: 100% per year
Stake min age: 7 Days
Stake max age: 365 days

If you want to stake-mine PutinCoin POS (Proof of Stake), select your favorite wallet which you want to use for staking in Wallets section.

Note: Web Wallet and the Android Wallet do not offer stake rewards.